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We are hiring – Postdoc , staff and senior scientist positions available.

The Malone Lab is a new and growing transplantation research group. I am a Transplant Nephrologist and physician-scientist at Washington University at St Louis. Our kidney transplant program is one of the largest centers in the USA, performing over 350 kidney transplant per year.

In the Malone lab, we focus primarily on the immune cell landscape in human kidney transplants. Our goal is to answer important clinical questions in transplantation by applying modern experimental techniques on human samples. We use single cell methods such as scRNA-seq, scATAC-seq, CITE-seq and immune cell profiling and use a mouse model of transplant rejection to complement our human studies. We perform all our own computational analyses in house. Kidney transplant diseases such as antibody mediated rejection and recurrent FSGS remain therapeutic challenges.  We couple genetics and bioinformatics approaches to investigate how such diseases occur with a view to uncovering new markers of disease and treatment targets.  

Our team was the first to publish on the application of single cell RNA-seq to single core kidney transplant biopsy samples.

We are now looking for new lab members. If you are interesting in working on single cell methods and computational analysis in transplant immunology please email or DM me:, @AndrewFMalone

Nice paper on snRNAseq from kidney transplants with fibrosis from @ValeriaMas11 and Colleagues 🔥

Great work by @sarahcormican91 🔥📰🔥 looking at HLA-DRhi IMs inCKD at the protein and transcript level and functionally. They are increased peripherally in CKD and in inflamed kidney biopsies. @WUTransplant @mattgriffinneph

Who is using them in transplanted patients? This is a big question as in some countries over 50% of the ESKD population are transplanted (e.g. IRL). #NephJC

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