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We have moved to University College Dublin in 2024!

The Malone Lab is a kidney research group with two main research interests; 1) Transplantation and 2) Nephrotic syndromes such as FSGS. I am a transplant/general nephrologist and physician-scientist and worked at Washington University at St Louis for 10 years prior to moving back to Dublin. The WU kidney transplant program is one of the largest in the USA.

In the Malone lab, our goal is to answer important clinical questions affecting  patients with transplants or nephrotic syndromes by applying modern experimental techniques to human samples. We use a multiomics approach which includes methods such as scRNA-seq, scATAC-seq, CITE-seq and immune cell profiling as well as single cell imaging methods such as CODEX. We use a mouse model of transplant rejection to complement our human studies. We perform all our own computational analyses in house.

Kidney diseases such as antibody mediated rejection of the transplant and FSGS remain therapeutic challenges.  We couple genetics and bioinformatics approaches to investigate how such diseases occur with a view to understanding mechanism, uncovering new markers of disease and treatment targets.  

Our team was the first to publish on the application of single cell RNA-seq to human kidney transplant biopsy core samples.

We are now looking for new lab members. If you are interesting in working on single cell methods and computational analysis in transplantation or nephrology please email or DM me:, @AndrewFMalone

⁦amazing second talk of the session on scRNAseq in xenotransplantation by ⁦@MatthewDCheung⁩ ! Hire this guy now. #Kidneywk

Our work on investigating the transcriptional consequences of cell-cell physical interaction in human kidney transplant biopsies is out in @TransplantJrnl! Many thanks to the whole team, especially Aidan Leckie-Harre and Isabel Silverman. @WUTransplant

Now in print! 📗

Single cell RNA-seq and functional assays to examine monocyte-endothelial cell interactions in CKD.

Transatlantic collaboration 🇮🇪🇺🇸 !!!
@sarahcormican91 @mattgriffinneph @uniofgalway @WUTransplant

We are looking for a fellow interested in training at one of the largest volume kidney transplant centers in the US with 5/5 outcomes scores. Please reach out for more info! @AndrewFMalone @TransplantPulse @anuja_java @massini_me @rohanspaul @KFlowyMD

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